G'day fellow bloggers! :D

right. this is nonsense.

I started my first day at college again for Fall term. :3
hmmm... it was overall eventful?

unrelated photo. xD

okay. I'm just wasting time typing this while my movie loads
yup. Gossip Girl S1. apparently connection is slow -.-
it's taking forever!

College was fine. but actually that would be an understatement.
it went well. FOR TODAY.
Had Microeconomics. class started at 8.30 am. i hate it. got thr at 9
Lecturer started teaching in Theater Hall- with no table! o.o
afterall think my econs is rusty. gotta revise macroecons..... :P

Later, went to watch District 9 since I had 3-hour break!
Put3's idea and next class was 3.30 pm.

not my kind of movie. sort of boring too. gah. I dunno...
I Love Beth Cooper would've been more enjoyable I think. =D

Photo Op.

awww. so cute! :)

Another random photo.
Was on the tube at London. Pets are allowed. So it was my first time
seeing a dog on a train. hahaha!

&it looks so adorable. :D

Quantitative Decisions. turned out to be a very geeky subject
I have a feeling it's gonna be boring... yawn, yawn, yawn...

Class was huge. Kinda funny I did not realize a former classmate
behind me. lol. she claims to be invisible. woooo! xD
nah. didn't bother moving around to say hi. class was rowdy.
I just sat at my place glancing at Navin. pffft.

Tomorrow. Busy day. Work!
Gonna be working in Pavilion soon. =/
not my kinda place tho. sigh
it's my new job btw.


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