I made friends with a family of squirrels, and had lots of time to think

This weekend is a very
boring, unplanned long weekend -.-
not to mention being home alone...

Being at my best behavior- doing random stuff! :D

I kinda enjoy doing random stuff. I don't have to tell no one. Going
anywhere letting no one know. Doing something unimaginable!

lol. okay. 'maybe' it's actually imaginable. :P
not this but yeah..

klcc park!

was at KLCC. been a long time since i've gone there..
Actual purpose was to go up Sky Bridge but didn't manage to.
have to be there to get tickets dem early in the morning. =.="
something that won't happen...

and it's crowded as always.

I finished watching Gossip Girl Season 1 and 2. =O
can't wait for Season 3, premiering in US in September.

I likey Season 3's promo pic. xD

SerenaVDW is stunning, as always

I should be focusing. FOCUS! but...
College load hasn't swung into its full momentum yet.
probably a good thing. OR not. =S

Business Law is not gonna be easy in any way with 87 students
in the same class... neither would Quantitative Decisions. sigh
still finding my way around Moving Average..
rather lost :3

I watched I Love You, Beth Cooper just recently too.
I personally think it's really mediocre. -.-

all the good scenes/funny ones are already in the trailer.
what's left wasn't as exciting. towards the ending was kinda boring.
and a few of scenes that were CUT!!!!! wtf.

I think I clearly understood the 18PL rating; but they don't have to
cut the scenes to make the movie to a U rating right???
Censorship Board being plain ridiculous.

I paid to watch a cut-up movie =.="
ppl! don't watch.


Had McD for dinner - 2 times in 5 days. could've been too lazy to
get a proper, decent and healthy meal. but there I was...
fast food all the way. please tell me its bad?

My piercing is giving me problems.
It keeps on bleeding. keep, keep bleeding love...

wokay. Gotta go sleep.
tomorrow morning at Pavilion KL.
excited. xD

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