wooo! Just got back from cg
met load of new ppl from the previous few.

and.. the more the merrier! xD

I'm working tomorrow. freaking 8.30 a.m in the morning -.-
and the mall only opens at 10 am.... which means I have to
leave house at about 6/7 ish

but i'm getting paid! :D

I was reminded how i dislike working in retail.
considering Pavilion is like damn 'atas'... tsk tsk

`Stand all day
`Work the whole 9 hours
`Damn expensive lunch. gah
`Face different funny people with quirky personalities

voila! a whole new experience.
i'm starting my 3rd day tomorrow. gah. long day ahead

must we? T.T

One thing about working for clothing outlet is the requirement
to be stylish in dressing. Having a good fashion sense, optional.

which is rather true. and I don't really like. hahahaha

I'm the slacky guy that wears whatever. a tee and jeans
that's it. xD

Flash news: I have to put on something nice tomorrow.. help?

I'm gonna have a tough time adjusting -.-
Can't wait to transfer over to 1U. humbug

Okai. ttfn.
Have a great weekend ahead.
and Monday's a holiday :D

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