I'm back.
Where was I?

Work has and always will be taxing. sigh.
If you wanna visit me, it's next to Forever21
it's a new retail brand from Australia

starting to feel the pinch of having multiple job(s) at the same time
plus. studying is another job. except it doesn't pay. lol


I grew tired of picking those shoes already. -.-
they kept tossing to the ground after trying it on. wtf.

Was on Fitting room duty for the weekend. &i.really.hate.it.
no reason. i just hate it.. and continuously folding and hanging clothes.

Except some people who asked me about matching clothes?!?!?!
I wonder if that long dress would match with leggings... o.o?
*thinks hard*

I got my ID and Shopping vouchers the other day =D
I believe the nice clothes were swept off by earlier customers. -.-
and guys clothing are very, very limited compared to female.

eventually settled for ONLY 3 tops. gah
that also exceeded voucher value...

gotta wait for paycheck.


Went out with College friends for post-celebrate PW's bday :)

Me. Navin. Sasha. June
[Abv] Reuben. Chris

me and my GFF, Navin :3

Went to the femes steamboat place in Subang, Yuen's.
hahaha. we had an awesome time.

In the car too :D

Us again with Amir.

We went to a dessert shop called Snowflake in SS15. xD
Had this jelly thing. dunno what's the name -.-

the chewy thing and ice shavings.
okla. priced at RM5.5

It was fruitful meet-up...
Can't wait to do it again =D

It's the little things that makes you love your friends.

ttfn. 8.30am class tmr.

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