Oh. I've not been updating lately.
Kudos to those who can update like every 2 days and best is everyday!

(I see the same ppl updating their blog frequently with Google Reader)

besides, I had good and bad stuff happening to me all week!
sigh. -emo-

Let's start with today.
Had Advertising in the morning. College is superbly empty coz
everyone's in their holiday mood. Hari Raya - 1 week break :)

Class ended early. pfft
Ended up in Pyramid. Got a pair of shorts and ear stud. lol
Kinda wanted a vest to add-on my credibility as FA. and I saw
one in Zara. looks really nice.

but, gotta wait for paycheck. rather a hefty sum there. -.-

Went to watch The Ugly Truth in 1Utama later in the evening
with a friend.

nice movie!

It was a funny and romantic movie. not bad. Go watch! :D
wayyyy better than I Love You, Beth Cooper then again, disliked
the parts where scenes were cut. again -.-
not as bad as previous. but still.....

On Thursday. went to work.
I official hate working on weekdays coz gotta rush with the
working executives in the LRT. -packed sardine-

was late and rushing. on the way to work.
I lost my lanyard with my Employee ID/P.O.S and Touch N Go
and my Rail card in Pavilion somewhere. =.=

i feel so screwed. gah
whoever found it. didn't return it. wtf

now I can't log on the system nor get discounts.
and have to pay extra for my transport
argh. dam it.

Had my first Business Law assignment.
it was the case of Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States
honestly, i've yet to fully comprehend the 30 pages. T_T
and Commerce clause.

still working on it. :P

1k word essay due next month. omgz0r.

plus, Contract law!

Ai Li's father passed away this week too. rather sad tho.
was kinda sudden too. sigh

I didn't know earlier and called her up for class. =x
Hope all goes well with her family soon..

tomorrow work (again)
gonna go mad hanging clothes..

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