Imma dragonfly! :D

Okai. I did the super tiring closing. and got extra time to snap foto

Mr Trainer from Singapore came down for a visit.
Damn strict about our uniform. =.=
Too bad la. I'm not wearing your brand top to toe.
and he wasn't happy. wtf?

Asking me to buy immediately.
but too bad- I lost my card. xD

(p.s.s. coz I wore an unidentified jeans plus a Topman Purple L/S shirt)

Today, Mr. Trainer was in a good mood. [apparently]
after being Drama King the day before...

Think I need a player to play greetings when cust. come to visit
the store. lol

Outside Pavilion

I go back dem late after closing. I hate not having transport after
closing or rather using the LRT. pfft

So I managed to adjust my schedule. =D

and I learned how to hang bras. XD
thanx to Sasha.

Work again tomorrow. sigh
and pls don rain. =/

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