If you were a Facebook status update, I would 'Like' you.
- Lauranne

I have loads of stuff running around my head as always..

I.don't.know.where.to.start. [really]
weird twisted emotion. I find it hard to comprehend.

Maybe a one sentence statement? but that won't quite explain the
situation. -.- maybe a paragraph! XD

and soon to lead to an essay. pfft

I am. still working on my Biz Law assignment. sigh.
googling def on civil rights and constitutional rights of US ppl.
thinking of a way to flourish that into 1000words. -.-

and then dissecting the landmark case of Heart of Atlanta
next, putting it together. paraphrase and etc

Need: TIME. *clock ticking*

Learning to: Prioritize! Law could wait?
1 assignment, 1 quiz and 2 Midterm coming

You know wat! I kinda like Chuck Bass in Season 3.
LOL. he's better off with B. and a much better character, i feel.

Just that; something's don't change... Blair is still trying to be
Queen in college. but her bitchy-ness is getting brilliant! :D

I usually don't like bitchy girls, even for real. they act like they're
so TGFY... -.- and Georgina shud go to hell.

I rest my case. Do catch Season 3 of Gossip Girl. :)


This week is my last week working in faraway Pavilion. lol
I hope I don't miss that place. but I like hanging out there
and met great people.

somehow, got into a sort of tiff with a colleague. I DONT GET IT. -.-
How is it my fault that X is angry with me; when I got offended with
what X said to me. I should be the one with raging anger here(!!!)

frankly, i shouldn't give a dam.
I don't have to work with X after this week.


# Watched Colbie Calliat's Falling For You MV.
I think it was plain er... weird. crappy video. nice, meaningful song.
but video is a failure.

Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meestor
is wayyy better. xD

# I can't decide to quit the other job. but I need a raise pls!
if not, bye!

# I'm happier these days. I dunno why. Emokid no more but Happykid?

fatigue is catching up.

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