And yes, i'm literally alive.
soon to be not, if I don't finish up my assg

But really, about damn time I finish up Biz Law.
and study for Midterms next week

okla. got nothing to blog (really)
but I have fotos of me 'getting smart'

Chris . Sasha . mE . June

Sasha [----] is this tall. xD

then again, dem tired that day.
Straight from work to party. -.-
&still in working clothes.

And go to KL again
@Changkat BB to chill.

sadly, me is underage =.=
had to settle with nex door, Ceylon Bar

wtf? guys above 25 and girls abv 21
oni can go in... zzzz
gender discrimination! ftw

We played Pictionary and had beer
...zzz ...can't remember?

yay! all of us.
Thasha turned twenty-one
in a gorgeous red dress.

we had fun.


Procrastinating. BIG time.

Sleeping alot again n again. *I so don undrstnd*

losing weight too? 70 going 60

bcuz of sleeping; work is undone

okai. ttfn


*blush* 1guy & pretty girls. :P

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