wo0t. Let's blog about my workies.

Started off this part-time job a month back. early September.
all in all, i'm kinda happy with this job (i think) :P
despite hiccups and bickering.. love the flexibility

discounts? xD

Being one of the Pioneer team for Malaysia has been kinda interesting.
everything being new and everyone learning from scratch.
haha. fun fun?

the job is not-your-average-folding-clothes kind of job, really!
it is demanding. for every penny they're paying. yeah. not easy.

it's some kind of crazy- Survival of the Fittest! lol

Cotton On Pavilion KL

Yesterday was 1st day of biz at 1 Utama. response was so-so
on a Saturday! -.-

I'm sort of, missing Pavilion at the same time. It's more interesting
working there than 1 Utama but everywhere has its pros and cons.

I'm based in 1 Utama for good anyway.
Come visit me =)

Sunway Pyramid store is gonna open next week too.

Cheryl . Azra . ME

Dam fun la. joking plus gossiping with the bunch of ppl.
lol. passes time la. if not, would've died of boredom

the Managers are kinda cool. not queen control nor behaving
like airheads (some).

1 Utama setup day!
(duno who's cam so blur -.-)

Best of all, CLOTHES :D

I don't really shop. but they had a very good deal. for staff
5 pcs - 1 jeans, 1 tee, 1 cardi, 2 L/S tee for only RM 109!
it would've cost me RM 429 w/o the offer.

haha. new clothes =D
discounts and periodic vouchers.

not all of their men's stuff are nice, but "acceptable" lar

okai. off to work now.
*damn lazy*
*drags self*

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