I thought.....

I had figured something out.

I had found myself.

I had discovered the root of the problem

In the end, all that's left was nothing. blank. empty.
like opening a box with no contents.

Work oh work. It's been weird lately coz Emokid is back.
as though the store went into a super sad mood.

but... it was actually me. D:
i'm the sad one. even my crazy store manager thought I was
pms-ing. tsk tsk... -.-

The Part About Not Knowing.
where the source of sadness comes from...?

But I lived through the day being moody me.
Talking only when I need to. and whom I want to.
Doing my tasks and wait to go home.

And yeah. i'm dam tired.
work again tomorrow.

*hoping for a better day*

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