B : Are you upset because you kissed a guy?
C : I'm upset because I kissed someone who wasn't you. Do you really
think I've never kissed a guy before?
B : Love me?
C : Always. :)


I have another 4 weeks till end of semester! =D
plus over and done with Mid-terms. only assignments, project and
presentations left. and a final hurdle, crummy Finals.

tea leaf plantation.

Was passing thru Cameron Highlands for the first time in my life.
dropped by tea plantations to have tea and scones. o.o
rather cooling weather but can still feel the heat =.=

hate the winding roads at Camerons. gah. zigzag roads
could've puked from swinging left to right.

think that's the last time i'm gonna go there.


Some lodging place. I'd love to stay over there. :D
It's some kind of cottage with a home-ly feeling
Plus, didn't pick strawberries tho. Didn't have time to swing by


I got back assignment results for Biz Law I.
Pretty much exceeded my expectation. but got a safe 11/15%

Mr. Chong brought us sweets from Harrods. =) Hahah
since he was kinda pleased with our Assignment 1 performance.
saying it was equivalent to ones produced by LLB students.

but another assignment awaits~

"What a man does is a direct reflection of what the man is"

Currently: Wondering how to discuss something rather philosophical?
in a form of a 3-min Public Speaking. hmmmm...

You know, a problem is not really a problem when I think less of it.
Same goes for emotional stress. Pretend it's not there.
Things will be fine, momentarily.

Plus, Hoegaarden or Kilkenny would help one to get smart.

Here's something unrelated, call me crazy but I'm hyped to meet this
person; someone I don't know! and I've only seen how they look. LOL.
and all I know about that person is their name. Hahhaa..

I have a screwed up affection compass. I think, I like you.
To say or not to say. Then again, better not. :)

wokay. Cotton On duty calls tmr morning

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