N: If it makes you feel any better, you were a great fake girlfriend


Oh, so I just watched New Moon with a groupie with twins and a friend
back from NZ at GSC 1U after work.

sigh. flu suddenly came and struck me feeling unwell =.=

Team Edward or Team Jacob?
I'd vouch for Team Bella (aka Emo) anytime! :P

So I've watched the movie. I think i'm pretty satisfied with the movie
and as expected, some would think it is BORING. wouldn't say no...

but well... it is "the story!" that's how it was told in the book.
so, having read the whole series of Twilight. it was okay. BUT i can
bet the next movie is gonna be whole lot better. xD

Besides seeing topless Werewolves in human form.. Taylor Lautner
and Edward being topless as well. hahah. my groupie was kinda hoping
for the six packs etc. LOL.

Choosing between Edward or Jacob is quite a tough decision. IMO
then again, Alice is so much prettier than Bella. sigh.

On a sidenote:
They CUT parts of the movie!!!
I mean, what's SO wrong with Edward kissing Bella? NOTHING.
gah. Don't you just hate Malaysian Censorship Board? =.=

Wokay. Ppl, what have you been up to? xD

I hardly update because it's slowly becoming pointless.
blogging is only giving me place to pen my thoughts when I
feel like it? -thats it-

got *assg* to catch up

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