Othello had love, but he chose not to listen to his heart


Here's a short update.

And so, I've got a new job again. At a bank in KLCC. xD
this time its full-time. and sadly to say a 9 to 5 job. I start officially
after Finals for 6-months.

No, I don't quite job-hop around but so happen when God closes
a door, he opens a play. Opportunities, i mean.

So, I started training today. primarily eye-balling the computer screen
was one of my first tasks of the day. oh wow. but my trainer was kinda
cool with showing me the ropes..

though, everything's really new for me. learning from scratch.
and not having this kind exposure before is interesting and confusing.
then again, i was trying my best to absorb as much as I could...

also, i'm counting my blessings that I was offered the job.
whatever comes, i'm really eager to learn. :)

Final Exams are next week! =/
Bon chance ppl! ( a.k.a "Good luck" in French)

Heheh. I started taking French classes on Saturdays too.

d'accord. that's about it..