Oh boy. I repeated ze intro phrase for god knows how many times.
but what an easy way to meet ppl ey for the first time. :)
...though some are slightly intimidating

and work was cool. for the first day. hahah
chilling ni?

right above me

Gotta love the office concept. it has a sunroof! and a high ceiling.
with the erratic weather.. it's unique in a way that it gets bright
and then dark like constantly. lol

I can see Menara Maxis and KLCC from here. xD

Plus, it's super cold! in the afternoons and evenings.
sigh. i need gloves when i start typing on the computer.
and the tea lady made coffee for me today. yey.

wish me luck for Day 2. :P

Since I'm done with Finals. Would love to blog more but have
no time. need motivation! :D

and I'm dem tired. aih..