like whoa!
it's year-end! some sort of a closure for such a year filled with
loads of drama and yeah, -dots-

then again, I'm guessing you'd know what I'd type out. anyway
w.o.r.k. = LOL.

I kinda geddit now; why would ppl rather study than work. hahah.
nope. I don't quite have an answer but it feels something like that.
keywords: due dates and regional reporting to HK

It's my 2nd week already~
pretty okay. i think. My lunch groupy is about 3 to 4 of us
not too bad. but i should socialize more. xD

the view from my desk.

Office is cold as ever. And i'm getting used to it anyway.
COLD? gah. let it snow then :P

No thanks to my rusty Excel skills. I'm beginning to do things
more swiftly with Pivots and confusing vlookups. -.-

the AMOUNTS of data is a killer! argh.
which keeps me really occupied. but i still could go back on-time :)
my other colleague is more carefree than I am. since she has
lesser workload than I do. =.="

let's hope I'd get a half-day tomorrow, just like Christmas eve

No resolutions for next year.
Gotta work on this years' and previous ones and more..

See ya in the NewYear.2010

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