First entry for 2010

When the roof came in, the truth came out
I just didn't know what to do...


Oh I'm so devastated with Gossip Girl being temporary 'plugged out'
Hence, barely half of Season 3 is only shown on CW.

Heck, it even paused at the most exciting part.
and I wonder what happens next to Serena, Nate and Tripp
S is uber troubled. when would she learn? gah.

Grow up already, like B.

Blair Waldorf, former Queen Bee is kinda my fav actress in the series nao.
the last episode before they cut off was kinda amazing. It felt like wow!
-juicy indeed-

so much so I think Chuck and Blair are a perfect couple. <3

Season 3 continues in March 09. dem long lor.
what-am-i-gonna-watch? I ended up watching Ghost Whisperer. sigh


Anyhows, short update for the New Year! :D
Hope many of you enjoyed the celebration, altho imma bit late~
I had a quiet one at home and out later. Saw lotsa fireworks too.

Went back to work. as usual.
sigh. I'm starting to hate commuting up and down the City Center.
everyday is a rush. go back also the same

tmr's plan; probably gonna check out Twin Tower's Fitness Center
since its free for Bank employees. ah yay.

-that's pretty it-
yeah, i'm a boring person now. I've no life but work


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