I'm older nowwwww.. by a year.

which means- I can go to Casinos without being kicked out. :O
(refers to Genting trip last last year..)

Hahah. then again, Thank you so much for all your wishes via FB.
SMSes. *surprises* and more.

now, what would I be without you ppl <3

And my family, of course.
I can never live a day without being grateful to them. (nagging included)
plus, my twin sisters drew 2 nice Birthday cards for me..

A special Thank You to Navin, June, Sasha and Thasha for planning
such as brilliant plan to surprise me at college :D

Love the Donuts plus candle blowing. xD

Pre-Bday At Republic, Sunway.

I noticed it's been a MONTH not updating this blog. LOL
then again, I wonder if anyone still visits here. hahaha

Been super busy at work.
I finish work about 9 to 10 pm almost everyday. sometimes 8 pm
sigh. and tonnes of reports every other day.

Dinner tonight with friends. :D

that's about it;