About damn time I start updating ey. LOL

oh well. think i left off about my b'day thingy.
for the first time- i did not blow a Birthday cake this year. xD
does Donut candle blowing count? hahah.

but I had fun. :)
Thanks to Cece, ZW, Sally and Kaka for the wonderful presents.

Went to have Korean BBQ at Kota Damansara; it was okay lar.
I think i'd still enjoy the one Korean village - Ampang more.

ME , yean, yunxin, sally and hui jian

Then again, we met up for CNY dinner at Bkt Jalil club amongst ourselves.
of which I lou sang twice that very day. hahah

I gotta be so thankful for such close-knitted group of friends. :D
after my college mates. while the rest of em seem to be in outta space..
coz the least effort is to meet up only once in a blue moon....

Other than that would be workkkk.
which I don't have much to talk about anyway.

Lunch hours are kinda sad already. Sara Kang left after finishing her
internship with the Bank. Gosh. it must've been the "stories" over lunch
that we'd talk about... hahah. interesting stuff. trust me.

another two interns left earlier too.

I've got no one except Jia Hui to casually e-mail anymore..
oh yes, Outlook e-mail is our channel to distress.

I tried making friends at work too. Socialize around with other colleagues
but it's all kinda tiring... oh. why do I want to do it in the first place.

okai. no more emo biz

Small talk here and there. Rather hard for both to relate when the age gap
is like a DECADE apart. LOL. But knowing as long I made the extra effort
hopefully would turn out beneficial and learn from the seniors.

hence, talk numbers and Finance jargon. woooo!

You got me?

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