If one day you wake up and find that you're missing me

and your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be?

Ohai! It's time for an update.

Been super busy. (lately) with work, French and Biz Ethics

Actually. I'm depressed. Need more Prozac dosage pls.
At work, I couldn't quite concentrate. Always distracted by thoughts..
Imaginations go wild. Thinking of the very same person.

I called. No one picks up. -bummer-
Expects a callback... never got one. I wonder.

I confided this with a friend earlier. Clueless was the answer.
and I am back to square one, again.

Went to gym the other day. *looks up FB Status Update* LOL
was literally tortured in Body Pump class. T_T

Trainer was okay, but went a lil too fast for a newbie like me. then again,
managed to survive the 10 tracks.. and I'm SO LOOKING FORWARD for it
again. XD
It was never the intention of me;
building up muscles and being buff.
but in the name of a healthy lifestyle, why not. :D

plus, the gym classes are free whenever I go.

*muscle cramp*

oh yea, it's called Twin Towers Fitness Centre inside KLCC.
with really basic, decent facilities. quite okay IMHO. no idea about
the rate tho. perhaps should be cheaper than FF or Celeb?

Besides that, met Sir Jackie Stewart the other day at the office.
Ctry Exec had a special welcoming function for him.

Signing a Postcard for me. xD
*sells on Ebay*

He's one of the F1 Grand Prix legend it seems. With a Scottish accent.
Never knew he was part of F1 (coz he's retired anyway)... Think i'm more
familiar with Lewis Hamilton or Schumacher?

They had a slideshow with his achievements.
He looked more handsome
when he was young. LOL.

And he's Global Ambassador for RBS btw. Quite a nice and funny guy.

T, WK, Me, JH, Amy

Finance & IT Team had a "celebration" makan-makan in the office.
hahah. finally some time to chill, relax and chat..

I'm lazy to upload the rest. so, that's the summary of the backlogs
of updates. I'm sure I left off a few here and there...
Lazy to go into details. no one wants or needs to know. pfftt.

OH! I'm heading to Singapore next week~


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