Our favorite place we used to go
the warm embrace that no one knows
the loving look that's left your eyes...

I should really update more frequent..
It's becoming habitual not updating for weeks.. close to a month.
but then again, I don't have much to say anyway.

It's either out *there* or bottled up in here <3

I'm never good in expressing myself. or i'm just too hesitant.
Chances that swing by just come, came and GONE...
and time to move on. (repeats cycle)

I reckon this time it's different..
As the saying goes; you gotta kiss a few frogs before you'd find
the frog princess, right?

Just last week, Finance team organized a Drinking session with
Deloitte auditors in SkyBar - Traders Hotel. Bosses attended too.

Lotsa small talk that no one would remember when they got home?
Think I kinda enjoyed myself. and yes, drinking on an empty stomach
proved to be bad. they only had snacks and loads of beer.

Promo was 1+1 bottled beer. Had Heineken all around.
I'm a social drinker. so to speak. usually it's only 1 bottle but I had
about 3 or maybe 4 until I had to stop getting fresh bottles. heh.

Went home tipsy and all itchy coz i'm allergic somehow.
on a lighter note, I miss "Get Smart" sessions with the UES. lol


Noww, did i mention? Company trip is in a month's time??
it's gonna be an awesome trip. i hope. LOL

Trying not being too negative about it. but just saying la...
the people going ain't the most interesting bunch of ppl..
but.. hope we'll have SO much fun?

Oh well. That's about it. I've got nothing to say dy.


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