Oh la la~ je n'ai pas 'blogging'. oui?
desole. :)

And so, I've not been myself lately. why and how? :P

I sort of realized that while at work. Doing my usual Fin reportings for
T-3 and misc reports. That kept me quite -busy- besides getting couple
of queries every now and then from people.

I actually made a mistake?! or WTH!; can't I calculate properly.
oh. that got pretty annoying. First, it was the mistakes "other people"
made and i sort of, had to work around it. FINE.

which i ended up in limbo. AND, then Regional decided to implement
something complex for something fairly simple for FX calc;
in terms of reportings.

[photo] - Indeed!
[statement] - oh really??

I must admit tho; didn't have ample time to check the numbers.
then again, I wonder who is to blame.. right. no one.
who's bright idea was it that EOD is 8 p.m anyway? tsk.
I waited till 6 p.m and still no report lor..

Well, at the brighter side of things...
I'm learning! =)

Well again, the week that it was...
tomorrow's a Monday again, the cyclic process begins~
usually kinda busy at work lor but got time to FB. xD

I hadn't had time to do Francais. And coughed out something crappy
for l'adjectif possesif last Saturday. -.-

Last Sat too, went for Eddy's daughter's bday luncheon.
I think it was pretty much a gathering for adults. Hahha. It was
a great meet-up with old colleagues and friends.
No one bothered to take photos. :P so don't have la.

That's for now.
Wonder what's interesting next.
Oh nvm. I've got none. yet. Hah.

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