I'm gonna give all my secrets away~

Shaun is rather emo today. On the contrary, he's easily agitated too.
God knows why. The emokid that came to visit somehow on a Monday!

Having said that, yea... Monday blues.
I think for Shaun... it's Emo Monday

He was late for work today. right. blame the traffic. (which was indeed horrid as usual)
Like any other day, without fail, you'll see him with his iPod headphones plugged into
his ears. I wonder if Music is always his retreat from reality.

Today's playlist was rather emo-er than usual.
1) Whoever said that life was fair, when you lived without a care~
2) I hate to say it but I told you so...
3) I shouldn't love you but I want to...

Those were part of the keywords. (right, you get the idea)

Shaun here bottles up literally everything. Here's one of it..
He knows he's not fitting in at work. but tries to... every.single.time
I know right~ it's tiring to even listen to that. Stubborn kid that's what he is.

If you know Shaun well enough... being 20 and working like "working ppl"
wasn't his cup of tea (just yet) Just more initiated than the rest of his peers.

Then again, if he doesn't fit in, does he fit out....?
uhm wait.. does that make sense?

Lunch time is often a chore. If only we don't need to eat.
too bad we're not working on batteries. (oh wait. batteries need to be charged too)
Sometimes he's there... and not... Lunch skipping has become a norm.

Besides that, he's slowly distancing away from his college friends.
They'd have their own lives and so does Shaun here. (not that he's enjoying it :P)

Well, it's not his fault for the gap. The general idea was to make friends at work.
Little did he know, it's wasn't college anymore babeh~ different era geddit?

What would you do if you were in his shoes?

Constructive comments appreciated. (Oh shoot. there's barely any comments
to begin with in other entries....)

Other details is withheld at the request of the person concerned :P