I'm back! :D

Of all trivial issues - comes my little blog here.
Pages filled with every bit of memories. good and not-so-good ones.

After 2 month hiatus. Thought I'd never pen anything down anymore. LOL.
But everything said and done, i'll still come back here for whatever reason.

was it about not letting go?

It was always there, just never spoken.

Update for what it's worth;

Been doing what i've been doing for the past year. fun. exciting. thrilling
a little bit of soul-searching every now and then.

Been yearning to travel. Want-to-go destination: Europe.
think i've gotten a lil smarter after the handcuffing incident in Paris.
yet again, it's gonna be a shoestring budget.

Candidate a) J b) Chengs c) Classmates d) Me, myself and I ;)
French class is planning on a class trip to France next year too.
But I'm having second thoughts. Should I go..?

Life is so-very-filled with uncertainty :(