I was all for the commitment
But then she started wanting more from me
And my mind began to change
Suddenly I didn't feel the same
I didn't know what I was doin;

I took a detour trying to find myself
But I'm on this road again
Want out of this box I'm in
I made it harder to be with me;

I'm coming face to face with myself
I know I don't need no one else
So, can somebody tell me where I'm goin?

I wasn't good enough. It was never about us.

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It's kinda late now.

but oh hi! :)
long time no update. nothing to blabber about my dull working life.

Back to uni in about 2 weeks time :D

But I'll still be working with the Bank. on part time basis. lol. so cool right.
Plus, the extra perks. Free meals every now and then. Learning new stuffs.
free GYM (very important feature now) and getting paid. xD

Neways, I'm supposed to write about Amelie Poulain.
a French comedy film, Professeur Alice suggested we watch it. I enjoyed it.
Think i'm gonna watch again during the weekend.

They had pretty good cast as well. Loved Audrey Tatou's acting; very talented.
last watched her was Coco Avant Chanel..

It tells the story of a shy waitress, who decides to change the lives of those around her for the better, while struggling with her own isolation

Moi francais not so good yet. Had to depend on ze subtitles. xD

Reminds me alot of Paris. Miss that place. Also, coz it gives me a funny feeling.
can't quite explain :P

So, give it a try to see if you like it. The trailer wasn't as appealing as the real movie fyi. :)


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Cuz I can't take you back,
no- my heart won't let me

Today was truly Monday blues~
At work however- Had to train this new joiner in my dept.

OMG. now i know it feels.
it can be such pain to train someone. :P

Nope. I'm not refering to the candidate though- it's the process of training someone that was "ughhh.."

It's like reiterating myself step-by-step. every key and every move. pffft.
At the end of it- i think 20 turtles passed by.

The day didn't go so well. frankly.
But it passed by so quickly to even notice. Hahaha. Ok. I HAVE such patience

Anyway, feel kinda emo lately. but W.H.Y.?
I duno la >.<


I'm back! :D

Of all trivial issues - comes my little blog here.
Pages filled with every bit of memories. good and not-so-good ones.

After 2 month hiatus. Thought I'd never pen anything down anymore. LOL.
But everything said and done, i'll still come back here for whatever reason.

was it about not letting go?

It was always there, just never spoken.

Update for what it's worth;

Been doing what i've been doing for the past year. fun. exciting. thrilling
a little bit of soul-searching every now and then.

Been yearning to travel. Want-to-go destination: Europe.
think i've gotten a lil smarter after the handcuffing incident in Paris.
yet again, it's gonna be a shoestring budget.

Candidate a) J b) Chengs c) Classmates d) Me, myself and I ;)
French class is planning on a class trip to France next year too.
But I'm having second thoughts. Should I go..?

Life is so-very-filled with uncertainty :(


This place is so dead.

No updates for now or until I get something juicy. :P

Just so you know, Shaun has left for his company trip for the weekend. lol
(personally, gd luck on that) HAHA.

I presume he'd have some photos posted soon.
Till then...

-deep breaths-