go0d day everyone... xD

juz had Sociology juz now... ahha. and i likey that subject
but got to come out with a topic for 30 marks research paper...
the teacher 'looks' boring but he's dang kewl.. LOL!

my research partner is puteri... lol we're the only ones from the
same semester... haha... we came out with sexism/gender bias as
the main topic and brainstorming d.. research muz be APA style..
its not APA but American Psych Association
no-thanx to Reuben. i t0ok this subject & its similar to Psych -.-

prefer Sociology more to Management Principles.. lol.. coz that one
kinda boring.. now gotta consider dropping that & take Micro-econs
any useful advise about micro-econs, ppl??
but i've got a feeling that Mgmt Principles easier than micro-econs
-.- oh help... Mr. Ramu kinda boring..

OH! resultsss.... thanx to those who gave 'LUCK!' =D
I got As and C... i got C for General Psychology... kinda expected.
coz i knew i had a prob for that. but however. not my major also..
to0 bad Bio teacher not teaching at coll d.. cant take chemistry -.-

guess wads the grading scale ::
Grade A - 90 & Above - Excellent
Grade B - 80 - 89 - Superior
Grade C - 70 - 79 - Average
Grade D - 60 - 69 - Passing
Grade F - 00 - 59 - Failure
*Note:Getting a D is equally a fail coz have to repeat...
but i think this is the new grading system.. frm this sem onwards

I thought i'd get bad results for Psychology coz the marks needed
to pass is high... but thankgod =] btw. my College math is not called
college math but College Algebra with Applications.. -.-
& math teacher kept asking - "You all sure u want to take this subj?"

Basic Composition was uber fun... hahahah... got to see my family
again... Peiwen, June, mE and the others wanna take photo but
kena kao kao from Ms. Padma.. she said "this is not a photo-taking
session..." =.= and we were half-posing... LOL
got about 100 students in basic comp & Dennis of SYTYCD wuz there
he looked short. and saw lotsa new intake ppl.. haha..


the Floo Network from Harry Potter...? ahah..

newayy.. i started work aldy... quite a challenge it is... lol..
learning. memorizing. dealing with people. and lotsa skill... xD
very much barista-like... tiring to0.. and messy
besides.. the boss visits the shop almost everyday -.-
and not forgetting- punctuality! haiz.. i'd always hav to rush to wrk
*if u think i'm working juz for money- well no...

nevertheless- i gain experience. and moolah! =P

ok. enough for today...
on a personal note. i feel kinda odd this semester...
it feels different already...