Thanx alot Jenabi and Kutucat for lending an ear and
cheering me up in times of misery.. :)

Reading your comments and email puts a smile on my face.
There are ppl who actually care. =D

I felt so bored. I spent my time looking up Innit just so that time
passes by faster. Imagine the whole afternoon doing just that.

It was sunny today; then it rained. didn't get wet though.

Creamy asked me to go Hong Kong with him and some friends in August.
its during my semester holidays right after Summer semester
for a start- omg. dem excited.. :D but it'll cost me approx 2K for the
whole trip.. obviously he didn't read my previous entry.

anyway. it all depends on my limited cash flow

judging at the way I are. its generally possible for me to go. BUT at my
expense of financing it. Then again. I've yet to decide but its something
I'd think thoroughly first.. Not to mention, haven't ask the parents yet.
Passport is with them anyway.

While scouting Innit today, I came across a blog thanx to 3POINT8
and Joshua -

Well. I feel his story is quite genuine, but I have some doubts about it.
He failed in his investment lost everything. got kicked out of his house
by his gf and now homeless. He hasn't got any cash and what's worse?

it sounded more difficult than what I went through; though mine has a
tinge of exaggeration. His? I dunno. something amazing, I guess?
that's about it.


Yesterday night. I went to the memorial service for Casey's mother.
he's our cg leader and church friend so I went along with the others.
i know mostly cg & youth members were at the funeral in his house.

as cheesy as may sound- I felt a tinge of sadness.. I didn't know
what to say to his family members as I shook their hands.
I remember seeing his mother last year as we always have cg at his
place.. rest of the time I see often was his father.

Reminded me about my grandmother's funeral couple years back.
was in Ipoh for over a week. It was plain sad. I was so emo.

I feel Casey handled it well as he was smiling quite abit..
Life is fragile. We may live till our seventies but life is still short.
Pastor preached the message and words of encouragement.

At the end of the day, treasure everyone around you.
Be it family or friends...

She coulda been a movie star
Never got the chance to go that far
Her life was stole
Now we'll never know...

They were crying to the camera
Said he never fitted in
He wasn't welcomed
He showed up the parties
We was hanging in
Some guys puttin' him down
Bullying him round round
Now I wish I woulda talked to him
Gave him the time of day
Not turn away

Gotta go prepare my Chemistry presentation slides now

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not below..

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